Plant lot information

Auctioning trolleys

Large lot (GP)
A GP consists of at least one trolley containing 1 lot

Maximum number of trolleys in a GP:

  • Aalsmeer location: maximum of 99 trolleys per GP
  • Naaldwijk location: maximum of 22 trolleys per GP
  • Rijnsburg location: maximum of 99 trolleys per GP

Distribution trolley: several lots on 1 trolley in 1 auction group (KP)
These trolleys have several gradings or lots on 1 trolley, each lot is accompanied by a delivery form.*

*Aalsmeer: distribution trolleys are only permittedi n the orchid auction group.

Auctioning CC containers

CC Containers
CC containers: minimum of 2 CCs per lot

Mixing plants

You can supply your plants in 3 different ways. As Mixed Trolley, Mix per Layer and Mixed per Tray. In order to avoid any confusion about these terms, we will explain them. On this page you will also find more information about the new 'Mix per Layer' method.

Mix per Layer

'Mix per Layer' means that every layer on a trolley contains the same mix. A trolley therefore has a maximum of 1 type or colour per unit, for example 2 boxes of red, 2 boxes of yellow, 2 boxes of pink and 2 boxes of purple.

  • Reference: T21: 008 (the sales unit is per layer).
  • Reference: L23: 008 (number of units on 1 layer. Value: 008 at 8 packaging units on 1 layer).

If you add these characteristics to your lot information, you can also offer this lot in Auction Presales.

Mixed trolley A Mixed Trolley consists of a maximum of 1 type or 1 colour per layer.
  • Reference: T21: 006 (the sales unit is one trolley).

The plants are auctioned per trolley and a Mixed Trolley is not (yet) available for Auction Presales.

Mixed per tray
  • Each unit contains multiple types and/or colours.
  • Each unit contains the same mixture and you compose each layer in the same way.

Mixed per unit is available for Auction Presales.