Auctioning decoration materials

Decoration materials are products that are sold or processed by florist shops or garden centres. The products can be used in a flower, bouquet or plant. The term does not apply to related items such as tools, scissors or knives.

Please note! Always use the official name of 'decoration materials' when delivering your goods. So not, for example, 'presentation materials' or 'inorganic materials'.


  • The product is related to floriculture, to be sold in a florist shop or garden centre. It also includes season and holiday-related products, for example for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day.
  • The product cannot be subsumed under another existing auction group.
  • The product is in no way offensive and does not include any live creatures.
  • The product will not cause any disruptions in the auction or logistical process.
  • The product is delivered in auction packaging or is otherwise well packaged.
  • Any damage to the product before, during or after the action is always your own risk.
  • The product complies with the health and safety (ARBO) regulations: it weighs not more than 13 kg per unit, with a maximum of 600 kg per auction trolley. If a unit weighs more than 13 kg, then the entire lot will be sold as a single unit. Auction trolleys weighing more than 600 kg will not be auctioned.
  • Products delivered in auction packaging or non-auction packaging must also comply with the said ARBO criteria. The auctioneer will determine whether the product can be auctioned.
  • Reinspections are ruled out.
  • The product may not contain inflammable substances or pose a danger to the environment in any other way.
  • The products must be packaged in such a way that they do not stick out from the auction trolley or CC container. If this is found to be the case, then the auctioneer is authorised to bar the lot from the auction.
  • All products to be delivered as decoration materials need to be announced in advance to one of the auctioneers at the location concerned. You must arrange with the auctioneer the maximum number of trolleys that you intend to deliver.