Information policy

Not only have we improved the quality of the information, we've also made less data available. Using information well and with respect, that is the basis of our information policy.

Information policy

The publication of information should never lead to undesirable effects on individual customers.

Therefore, we play by the following rules:

  • We do not give to others data about individual customers.
  • We do not publish information on price, supply and sales at cultivar level.
  • We do not use standard reports to publish information on quantities and prices of products that are traded through Connect.
  • We do not publish information that is competition sensitive, is not representative or is traceable to individual growers.

Non-representative information arises, for example, by adding together the prices of very different grades with corresponding price differences to produce an average that means little. Or by recording product prices that include value added.

We also have detailed procedures regarding access to services making confidential data available. We ensure the formation of passwords meet recommended security conditions and they are changed regularly.

In addition, our employees are alert when handling commercial information. They have access only to data that is relevant to their work, and they know they must treat it as confidential.

Customised quality checks

We also carry out quality checks of information provided by growers and buyers to ensure the delivery of better customised information. The services of the Market & Information Department and Connect's Market Information Package are good examples. The information they publish allow growers, customers and employees of Royal FloraHolland to respond well to market opportunities.

We use information to put our customers in the best possible sales position while protecting the interests of our business partners by handling commercially-sensitive information with respect.