Clean containers, everyone’s aim and responsibility

Royal FloraHolland has invested heavily in recent years in better ways to clean containers. Major steps have been taken with the commissioning of the new containers washing machines at the Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg locations. Nevertheless, there is still profit to be made in the entire chain. Ensuring clean containers is everyone’s responsibility!

Royal FloraHolland exerts every effort to keep the container pool in good shape, and we really need your cooperation for this to go smoothly! For multi-use plastic containers, we would prefer you to use labels in the label holders on the container instead of stickers.

If you still want to use stickers, it is very important that you place the correct stickers in the correct position. Otherwise, this causes disruptions in the container washing machine, and we are unable to completely clean the containers. And clean packaging that's what we all want don't we? Affixing stickers on plastic packaging in another way (such as adhesive tape, stapling) is not permitted.

Which stickers are permitted?

Only Normpack stickers are permitted. These stickers have a water-soluble adhesive layer and a permeable top layer. This makes it easy to wash them off in the container washing machine, without causing any disruptions.

Where can I buy these stickers?

We currently have arrangements with a number of suppliers. They can and may supply Normpack stickers.

Where should you affix the stickers on multi-use plastic containers?

  • On the reserved areas on the containers, near the top edge (see photos).
  • NOT on the cardholder area (photo on the left).
  • NOT on racks 596, 597 and 598 (photo on the right).

Where do you place stickers or cards on multi-use boxes?

  • Within the specified frame (see photo). A special plastic layer has been applied to this part for easy removal of the stickers.

Which checks do we actively carry out?

For plastic containers, we check whether:

  • The permitted (Normpack) stickers have been used.
  • And glued in the correct position.
  • No paint, tape or other material has been applied to the bucket(s).
  • The buckets are empty, so also without any residual water.

For multi-use boxes, we check whether:

  • The boxes are dry and not wet.
  • Stickers and/or cards are placed in the correct position within the grid.
  • The boxes are completely clean and empty.

Further rules

The General Terms & Conditions for Packaging always apply to the use of multi-use packaging :

Article 3: Seller, Buyer or Transporter may not change the external appearance of the Packaging, affixing, painting or in any other way adding brand marks, symbols or names, other than in the manner and location approved by Royal FloraHolland. If you do not follow these rules, then we shall not reimburse your deposit for the containers. We will accept them, though.

To keep the packaging in good condition we finally ask you to turn in damaged packaging or containers with paint separately to the packaging departments at the locations.