Flower handling services

You cultivate plants with care and passion. And you want your lovely but fragile products to be handled with care also. Flower handling services (FHS) of Royal FloraHolland supports you by carefully packaging, selling and transporting your products, and we ensure that they are delivered to the customer. We also advise you about sales, quality and assortment. You save time and energy, you are assured of an efficient and careful logistics process, and you expand your sales opportunities. Our motto: ‘Your flowers, our care’.

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Your benefits

  • You don't have to worry about getting your products ready for sale.
  • Outstanding expertise in handling, packaging, sales and logistics.
  • Your products remain in excellent condition given our expertise and extensive cold storage facilities.
  • Minimum transport cost due to handling in the heart of the auction, close to all customers.
  • One appointment, one rate, one permanent contact person.

What does it cost?

The cost depends on your wishes. We can prepare an estimate without obligations for you.

How does it work?

Flower handling services operate in the heart of the Naaldwijk location, close to your customers. Our highly experienced, professional staff have outstanding expertise in handling, packaging, sales and logistics and are available 24/7. In combination with our modern processing machines and an efficient infrastructure, our service provision smoothly answers your needs.

We can do this for you

Making your product ready for marketing
We do everything required to prepare your product for the auction clock, direct sales or transport, from unpacking, sorting, cutting, sealing or packaging to making high-quality photos for the auction or other marketing purposes.

We coordinate your products through to the end customer, which can include upon request:

  • Grading of shipments by size immediately after harvesting for an optimal sales result (grading)
  • Collaborating with all forwarders and Dock Services to clear your products through customs. Thanks to our AEO-certification (Article 23), we can receive and grade your products before the inspection. That saves you time and money.
  • Collaborating with transporters for delivery to other locations than Naaldwijk for an attractive transport fee
  • Administrative and logistical handling of trade for the auction clock or direct sales
  • Providing samples of new varieties so your customers and the auctioneers are informed of your new products.
  • Use of temperature loggers and track and trace systems (for example, Freshtrack) on the auction grounds or outside them, so you always know where your products are.

Upon request, shipments can also be combined.

Direct sales
At your request, we can arrange the direct sales of your products for a fee of just 7% of the sales value, based on the 'no cure, no pay' principle (if we cannot sell them, you do not pay a commission). Both long- and short-term deals are possible.

We can also arrange for your products to be offered via the digital trade platform FloraMondo and Clock Presale.

We can advise you about sales, quality, assortment, transport, logistics and new varieties. For example, we offer Post-Harvest support in Kenya, where one of our employees regularly conducts proactive quality controls and audits.