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Do you have a new product, concept or packaging? Draw clock customers' attention to it via Clocknews and/or the beamer in the auction rooms.


Clocknews contains the latest reports from growers about their supply and news directly concerning the auction process. The Powerpoint presentations shown on the projection screens are also mailed to Remote Buyers.

Clock customers can subscribe to Clocknews. They will receive a daily e-mail with the news from suppliers to the clock. Each e-mail contains one message from one supplier. What an optimal attention-getter!

Beamer in auction rooms

You can also display your news on the beamer in the auction rooms. Just deliver your presentation in PowerPoint. With short texts and attractive images, you can draw the attention of the clock customers . The presentations are displayed before the auction and during the breaks. They are also e-mailed to Remote Buyers.

Tip: It is the best option to deliver your news in PowerPoint format because then we can use it for Clocknews as well.

Tips and guidelines

Your clock customers want to receive relevant news. For example, notification that a product is being auctioned for the first time or announcement of an open day at your company. We would be happy to give you tips and explain the guidelines for news reports for Clocknews and the PowerPoint presentations for the beamer.

Your message for Clocknews

Deliver your prepared text in Dutch and preferably also in English. State in your message:

  • Your company name and administration number.
  • The product's name.
  • The news about your product.
  • Product code, length, quantity, colour, pot size, packaging, etc.
  • Start date for supply at specified location.
  • Representative product photo of good quality (max. 2 MB).

Your PowerPoint in the auction rooms

You provide a prepared PowerPoint in Dutch and preferably also in English. Before the auction and during the breaks, various PowerPoints will be displayed in the auction rooms. With short texts and attractive images you can draw the attention of the clock buyers.

Photos and logos

Pictures say more than a thousand words. Keep the text as short as possible (see the tips above) and supply representative product photos. Use your company's logo to increase the level of recognition. Do not add the logos of breeders' or growers' associations. That is confusing for your buyers. Breeders' or growers' associations can supply their own news themselves.


Your PowerPoint presentation should be at most three pages long,

No sound or videos

Although the presentations are played before the auction and in the breaks, sound and videos can cause a nuisance for the auction buyers and Remote Buyers.

Submit on time

Send your PowerPoint by 09:00 at the latest one work day before it should be displayed. Your presentation will be examined to ensure that it conforms to the guidelines and to determine when and for how long it will be displayed. For flowers, the maximum period is 5 work days and for plants, 10 work days. The auctioneer will of course contact you if the presentation does not conform to the guidelines. The auctioneers cannot revise it for you.

Keep a copy

Are you intending to use your presentation or news report again at a later time? Then keep a copy for yourself. We shall not be keeping a copy.


Send your PowerPoint or news report to If you have any questions, please contact your auctioneer.