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Delivery form direct trade

If you do business directly with buyers and have Royal FloraHolland handle this, you will send a fully completed supply letter digitally to Royal FloraHolland. With every trolley or CC container that you send directly to the buyer or auction, you will also enclose a paper delivery slip.

Delivery note for direct trade (direct delivery)

You can create and send a supply letter for direct trade through Floriday. As a grower, you can create a direct order and a direct delivery in Floriday. Floriday is free for members and suppliers of Royal FloraHolland.

You can also use a software package that allows you to make direct deliveries. There are different software packages tailored to the size and needs of a nursery. These software packages are usually linked to Floriday so that direct supply is sent directly via Floriday. Before purchasing a new software package, check whether this link with Floriday is available. Software packages have the ability to link to different Floriday modules. If a module is not supported by the package, the module can be used directly in Floriday. You then work partly in the software package and partly in Floriday. Ask the software supplier which modules the software package offers.
Note: Until recently, direct trading involved sending in a Connect-EAB. This is an old message standard that Royal FloraHolland wants to replace with more modern techniques. It has therefore been decided to process direct trade as much as possible via Floriday and/or via software packages that work via Floriday. As of 1 July, a fee will therefore be charged for submitting the Connect-EAB.

Processing via Royal FloraHolland logistics

If a direct supply is processed via Royal FloraHolland logistics, it is important that the registration for the direct supply is digitally in at Royal FloraHolland before the trolleys are delivered. If this is not done on time, costs will be charged because the lot has to be looked up manually in the processing systems.

Paper delivery form

When trolleys and/or CC containers are delivered to Royal FloraHolland, they must be provided with a paper delivery form. You can print this as soon as you have created a direct supply, via Floriday or via a software package.

Please note the following:
  • Do not print the supply letter until you have entered all the batch details. All information will then be encoded in the QR code.
  • Only use a laser printer and blank A4 paper. The delivery note is exposed to different conditions (humidity, temperature). There is therefore a risk of ink leakage with other printers.
  • Use paper of at least 80 g/m3.