Royal FloraHolland | Price Information

Step 5: Price Information

You want to manage your sales, which is why Royal FloraHolland has various services through which you receive price information and, for example, can monitor the auction clock. You know exactly which products sell well and at what price.

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Royal FloraHolland has various services to provide you with even more insight. These services are located in the column on the right. Below is a short summary of these services.

  • Lot transactions (EDI); This free service shows you exactly what the financial proceeds from your products are that day. You can see who has purchased your products and what they paid for them.
  • Price information during auction; You receive an e-mail during the auction with the amounts that your lots received at the auction clock. You know immediately what your proceeds are for the day.
  • SMS price information; You receive an SMS every 15 minutes reporting your sales and average prices. In this way you are always up to date, including while on holiday or during a business trip abroad. You only pay for the price of the SMS.
  • Clock view; This is a web service with which you can view the events on the auction clocks. From your computer, tablet or mobile telephone, you are shown almost the same information that is on the auction clock and you can hear the auctioneer.