Royal FloraHolland | Unscannable CC labels

Unscannable CC labels

Royal FloraHolland has taken the measures below to stem the influx of fake CCTAG5 RFID-labels.

Royal FloraHolland promotes the proper functioning of the CC pool by introducing the measures described below w.r.t. CCTAG5 labels (sometimes abbreviated 'labels').

Physical check for commercial flows

When we receive CC containers at our CC depots, we check the presence and validity of CCTAG5 labels by scanning them. Royal FloraHolland replaces the label if a CC container has an unscannable label. We subsequently register this in the registration system quoting the corresponding delivery form number. If the number of unscannable labels is too large, we may decide to refuse the batch of CC containers (or part of it) and return them to the user in question. The unscannable labels on rejected CC containers are removed and confiscated. Unscannable labels are not registered on the transaction statement, as the CC containers are not counted as returned.

Indirect check

Besides the physical check upon return, we also apply an administrative check in relation to the return of unscannable CCTAG5 labels. If this check reveals that returns or supply in commercial flows contain an excessive number of unscannable labels, we contact the user and request they take action to prevent this from happening again. If no response is forthcoming, or if the response is unsatisfactory, we deduct the CC containers from the balance (by means of a depot collection statement). In such cases, Royal FloraHolland removes and confiscates the unscannable labels. We then ask the user to collect the CC containers without label.

Sending unscannable labels

We send all replaced and confiscated labels to Container Centralen in Hoofddorp to be investigated. Container Centralen takes legal action against offenders if deemed necessary.

Overview of CC containers and unscannable labels

You can find the registration of the balance of unscannable labels in three places:
  • transaction receipt (upon return).
  • transaction statement (weekly).
  • Logistic Supplies Online (real time).

The balance of unscannable CCTAG5 labels does not represent an actual number of CC containers, merely the number of labels that has been replaced. The purpose of this balance is to determine the number of unscannable labels that have been returned. If, in our opinion, too many unscannable labels have been returned, Royal FloraHolland contacts the customer and, if necessary, takes action as described above under 'Indirect check'.

No invoice

We never send an invoice for the replacement and/or removal of labels.