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One Sanctionspolicy for all Royal FloraHolland

Various measures to counteract the outflow of auction trolleys at all locations of Royal FloraHolland are being taken. Therefore, auction sites are now conducting preventive checks on vehicles and in rented premises of business partners. Checks are also in place at growers and customers, in the market place, at old iron and scrap handlers and at commercial places in both the Netherlands and abroad.

These inspections may take place at any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and will be conducted by company security, logistics staff and inspectors from the Mobile Inspection team. In taking these steps Royal FloraHolland is working hard to prevent and detect misuse and theft of trolleys.

Royal FloraHolland manages its trolley by means of a lock plate system. This system, which works partially on the basis of trust, means that all trolleys removed from auction premises must be fitted with a valid lock plate.

Because many of our business relations work outside the auction, Royal FloraHolland has one sanctions policy for everyone who fails to comply with the regulations. This uniform sanctions policy means it will not matter at which location the violation has occurred.

All violations will be counted together. If you allow your lock plates to be used by anyone other than yourself, they must have valid authorisation. All violations will be registered, auction-wide, in a central database, and dealt with according to a step-by-step process.

Below is an explanation of the sanctions policy:


At the following places, you are in violation of the rules if you use a trolley that does not have a correctly fitted lock plate, or are unable to show authorisation for the use of a lock plate other than one registered for your use:

  • On auction premises: in vehicles
  • On external premises: anywhere*

* An exception to this rule is the use of trolleys without a lock plate in areas specified by Royal FloraHolland within the auction premises. These areas include buyers' areas, such as Aalsmeer-Zuid, FloraPark Rijnsburg, Trade Park Westland. Trolleys in vehicles must always be fitted with a lock plate.


The person/company in possession of the trolley will be held principally liable at all times.

Procedure in the event of incorrect use of trolleys

An employee of Royal FloraHolland will always issue a ticket when misuse is discovered. You will receive a copy of this. The details will be processed in the central database. You will be notified of the violation once more by means of an official letter. Any previous violations will also be taken into account in this communication.

Each violation endorsement will have a duration of one year. Within this period each new violation will be added to the total.

  1. violation: You will receive a letter informing you of the violation
  2. violation: You will receive a warning letter
  3. violation: You will be asked to indicate, in person, to Royal FloraHolland what changes you intend to make to your business operations to prevent repetition
  4. violation: You will be subject to a fine

Further violations will be assessed each time.


Fines will be charged four weeks after notification of the violation. Fines may vary from €150 per trolley for an incorrectly fitted lock plate to € 300 for a trolley without a lock plate. If no authorisation can be shown for the use of a lock plate, you will be fined € 300.

These amounts are subject to alteration in the event of serious violations, in which case harsher sanctions may be imposed. They may entail larger fines, or a ban on the hiring of lock plates and/or the use of trolleys. Other options include denial of access to the premises of Royal FloraHolland.

You must also remember that if you are in possession of trolleys that have not been fitted with a lock plate, Royal FloraHolland will also charge you for the rental income lost.

This sanctions policy forms part of the auction regulations of the Aalsmeer auctions and all 'old' Royal FloraHolland auctions.