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On Thursday 14 October, the informal meeting of the Council of Members took place in the new clubhouse of the Council of Members, the 4th floor of Floridome in Aalsmeer. The Council of Members spoke with the management and the Supervisory Board about the state of affairs within the company, but there was particular attention for subjects that are on the agenda for decision during the coming formal meeting of the Council of Members in December. This concerns topics such as the Flower Council of Holland levy and the 2022 tariff proposal.

The Flower Council of Holland

The item on the fact that Royal FloraHolland takes care of the collection for the Flower Council of Holland was also on the agenda. Two image-forming meetings were held last period. The central question is whether and why Royal FloraHolland should handle the collection for the Flower Council of Holland. The interest of the Flower Council of Holland is not at issue, but the question of whether RoyalFloraHolland should continue to collect for the Flower Council of Holland is. It would also be desirable for Flower Council of Holland to investigate alternative collection methods and to come up with concrete proposals. This item is also on the agenda for the December meeting.

Tariffs 2022

David van Mechelen, CFO of Royal FloraHolland, explained the proposals concerning tariffs. There are fifteen points of adjustment, mostly indexation of costs. In addition, attention is also paid to a number of principles that RFH follows. One of these principles is strengthening the membership. The proposals made and discussed will now first go to the Supervisory Board, after which the Members' Council will take a decision on the matter during the next meeting in December.

Constructive and valuable consultation

All in all, it was a constructive meeting at which it was noticeable that good work had been done in preparing the various working groups and committees. The notes were correct and complete, so that those present were well-informed and the discussion could be held at a higher level. The pace was also kept up. It is pleasant when it is clear to all those present what stage a subject is at, whether it is forming an opinion, making a judgement or taking decisions. In addition, it is pleasing to note that questions that are still open are addressed, for example, because of the investigation of information. This makes the Council of Members feel heard and once the open issues have been dealt with, you can move on. This way of working means that you can go to the next step in a very decisive manner in order to arrive at a common view. And that is very valuable!

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