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Heboplant: "Direct bidding increases the number of connections in our network"

December 1, 2023

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Growers and buyers working through Floriday can also trade with each other through Direct bidding. For Maasdijk-based Heboplant, this way of doing business has now become a regular part of their working method: "Several buyers make bids on our supply, including mostly new buyers!"
With Direct bidding, buyers and growers have been given an additional opportunity to increase their marketing opportunities. They can trade with each other easily through bidding. Buyers can buy the supply from growers directly by immediately bidding the asking price or making a counter offer. For lower bids, the deal will be closed as soon as the grower accepts the highest bid. Recently, Direct bid passed the 1 million turnover mark thanks to a transaction between Heboplant and Thomas Hoogendonk Plants, a wholesaler that exports to England.

Why Direct bidding?

Direct bidding benefits both buyer and grower. Besides being an additional trading opportunity, it provides quick and real-time insight into market prices and saves time in negotiations.

A regular feature

Heboplant imports tropical plants from Spain, Italy, Taiwan and Central America to be acclimatised and packaged in the nursery according to customer requirements. Brothers Jeroen and Frank Doorduin deal with product sales, marketing and purchasing on a daily basis. They started direct bidding in early 2023, now this method has become a regular weekly part of their sales strategy.

Growing network

Heboplant offers products via Direct bidding about 2 or 3 times a week. Jeroen and Frank: "Especially if there is a large lot, or if we have a lot that deserves extra attention, we use this method of trading, in addition to regular sales via Floriday. In the beginning, we did sometimes get low bids, we just didn't accept them. Sometimes you reach a deal, sometimes not. Who is bidding? It really varies from time to time. We get bids from several buyers, including new ones, who were not yet in our network. This increases the number of connections in our network, which is an advantage!"

Also start with Direct bidding via Floriday?

Wondering if this method would work for you too? Then read on, on the Floriday website: