As a Royal FloraHolland member, you will have the mail in early March to declare the 2022 BVO. Every member of the cooperative has undertaken the obligation to settle and report all sales directly or indirectly, via Royal FloraHolland. This means that all our members have to declare their BVO (trade outside the auction) in addition to their clock and direct trade. Only in this way is there a level playing field and all members benefit from the payment security and facilities offered by our international digital marketplace.

You have until 1 July 2023 to declare the BVO for 2022. Do it as soon as possible so that it is not forgotten. Even if no BVO has been sold, we would like to know. In that case, enter 0.00 at amount and 'no BVO' at buyer name.

How do you enter BVO?
  1. Log in via My RoyalFloraholland
  2. Go to the service: temporary exemption from membership obligation (BVO declaration)
  3. Enter the BVO amount (even if this is 0.00)
  4. Enter the buyer name (or 'no BVO')
  5. Choose your desired settlement date. The settlement date can be moved forward three months, so you can offset the settlement against product sales.
  6. If you have used Royal FloraHolland packaging several times for a BVO transaction, this must also be specified.
Need help completing the form? Then take a look at the manual. This manual can be found in the Temporary Exemption Member Obligation service at the top of the screen.

Tip: if you have a lot of BVO on a monthly basis, you can also already enter the BVO for 2023. If you do this monthly, you can spread the settlement over the whole year.

Read this article for more information.

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