For 32 years, Gimall has been exporting potted and garden plants to France, England, Italy and Scandinavia. Tim and Bas deal with buying and selling to the UK. They share their experience with Floriday.
Export company Gimall's customer base is very diverse and includes wholesalers, garden centres, gardeners and e-commerce. This diverse clientele also requires a diverse range of offerings. For this, Tim and Bas work daily in Floriday.

Quick insight into what is available

Tim: "We work with day trading and order at the last minute. We use Floriday for this. In the beginning, the Explorer's search function was not very good, but now you can search for products very easily. Previously, we worked with FloraXchange. Therefore I had to get used to Floriday and was a bit sceptical, but now I am becoming more and more positive!"

Bas: "We use Floriday mainly for purchasing, but also as a source of information. To buy in, I often start my search in Explorer. Here I type in part of the search term. Within four letters, I already find what I am looking for. I usually filter by pot size and sort the results by price. The colour filter can also come in handy. That way, I can quickly see what is available. Once I find an interesting item, I always click through to the grower's shop to buy directly from there. And that way I immediately see what else he has to offer."

Discovering new species and fast acting

Would you like to know how Gimall uses Floriday to discover new species and how they use the platform conveniently with their mobile too?

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