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Vote to retain collective promotion and sector communications

March 28, 2023

Bloemen Bureau Holland

From 1 January 2024, Royal FloraHolland will cease financial collection for the Flower Council of Holland, which is used to finance, among other things, its consumer campaigns and other collective communications. Why? Collective communications require collective collection.

A Generally Binding Agreement Declaration (Algemeen Verbindend Verklaring, AVV) is a proven effective measure from the Dutch government that allows financial support to be spread across the entire floriculture sector, where all sector members contribute equally (and not just growers who are members and traders who buy through the auction). Therefore, no more free riders. Also good to know: The levy percentages will not change. The net percentages will become lower, because all market participants will receive a 15% refund on the total contribution to the Flower Council of Holland during the 4-year AVV period.

Members' Council advice

The Members' Council discussed the topic and considers the collective promotion of our sector important. The Flower Council has been providing collective consumer communications for flowers and plants in Europe for 40 years with the aim of promoting flower and plant sales. And with great success! Because with the latest 'We Need More Flowers' campaign alone, 77% of consumers in the most important buyer groups indicated that this had actually made them buy more flowers. It is therefore important for the sector as a whole that these joint promotional efforts continue. The Members' Council therefore gives all members a positive voting recommendation, advising them to vote in favour of the AVV


From March 27 to April 7, growers and traders can vote on an AVV. This is done through an online vote. Owners, directors and directors-major shareholders are entitled to vote and are invited to participate. On the Flower Council of Holland website you will find all the information you need in one place. You can also sign up there to participate. You will then receive an invitation by return email from independent research firm Motivaction.

The collection (for a period of four years) and monitoring of compliance with the payments will be in the hands of an independent administrative office.