Today was finally the day, this morning at 06.00 the first national clock Flowers went live. This is always an exciting moment, after months of preparation. But everything went well this morning. There was a remarkably high and steady number of viewers, around 155. All buyers were well prepared, the number of logged-in customers was three times higher than on local clocks 8 and 5 in Aalsmeer and Naaldwijk.

The auctioning could begin. A special moment for auctioneer Amerik de Best and Mark van Niel. What will happen to the price, how will the buyers react? But the conclusion after the first auction at the Country Clock Flowers is positive. We are very satisfied with the pricing, the middle prices were stable to good/very good. Alstroemeria prices were top!

Cymbidium and Strelitzia reasonable, but this is always tricky in these weeks. Supply was a bit too high for a Thursday. And finally, the price of the Anthurium was also very good!

In short, a successful first auction at the National Clock Flowers. To celebrate this, Rick Tesselaar (chairman FPC Alstroemeria) came by with a delicious cake.

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