Who doesn’t use logistic supplies in our industry? Our auction trolleys, flower buckets, plant trays and other packaging are essential for an optimal logistics chain - from grower to end customer. Their dimensions are all aligned and they are specially designed for plant and flower transportation. Our logistic supplies therefore mean that the smooth transportation of the products you have grown with such care is guaranteed. The high degree of standardisation ensures optimal and efficient logistics. In recent years, however, we are increasingly seeing logistic supplies being used for purposes other than those for which they are actually intended.

We regularly come across many creative - and undesirable - uses of logistic supplies, such as multi-use trays being used on grow tables. However, multi-use trays are not intended for this purpose and this constitutes improper use of logistic supplies.

Use multi-use plant trays correctly

Royal FloraHolland's logistic supplies allow the entire floriculture chain to trade ornamental plants or flowers efficiently, sustainably and cheaply. You may use our logistic supplies for all commercial transactions that are settled through the cooperative. They may not be used for any other purposes than those specified above. In practice, we regularly come across logistic supplies being used, for example, in internal operating processes and for cultivation purposes; we also see growers or buyers not settling these logistic supplies through the Royal FloraHolland platform. This constitutes undesirable use and is not permitted.
Perhaps you are currently using multi-use plant trays in a way they are not meant to be, simply because you didn’t know exactly when, and for what purpose, you can and may use them. Are you still in doubt whether the way you are currently using these trays is okay? Or, having read the above, would you perhaps like to return multi-use trays? If so, please contact the Customer Contact Centre.

Reducing costs together

With today's sharply rising raw material prices, and as part of our sustainability ambitions, we actually want to have as few new logistic supplies manufactured as possible. That is why we are asking you, as a chain partner and user of our logistic supplies, to help prevent improper use. If the pool remains at the required level, there will be no need for addition production, and together we can keep the costs of using logistic supplies in the chain manageable.

In the coming period, we will be expanding our checks to ensure that the use of logistic supplies for our members remains straightforward and at a competitive rate.

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