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Data and information policy

We handle your data with integrity and confidentiality at Royal FloraHolland, and safeguard this with a transparent and verifiable policy. Sharing data is necessary for our services, e.g., for order processing, financial processing, logistics activities and making corrections.

With regard to all data entrusted to Royal FloraHolland, users of Floriday have access to their own data at all times. In addition, Royal FloraHolland complies with applicable privacy, competition and data security laws and regulations. In this context, integrity and confidentiality are paramount, and we can demonstrate this at all times.

How does Royal FloraHolland handle your data?

Royal FloraHolland distinguishes between different types of data

Our information policy secures the use and shared nature of this data. We check this against the principles below:
  • Public date
    This data is visibly published, such as the information on the clock (price and pieces) or the public asking price of the product in Floriday Explorer. This data is public and may be shared externally. The use of data is always in line with the purpose for which it is intended.
  • Non-public data
    This data is not shared publicly, such as data from direct trade. If necessary, we will only provide the minimum information needed to answer a question. Sharing this information should be in the interest of all parties associated with the marketplace. In doing so, we look at:
    • Non-traceable. Individual data cannot be traced through Royal FloraHolland (subject to the grower's or buyer's consent and being legally permissible). This is to safeguard the confidentiality of grower and buyer individual data.
    • No cartelisation. We prevent data from being used to make mutual implicit and explicit agreements (cartelisation).
  • Strictly confidential data
    This data is for individual growers and buyers only, such as forward contracts, sticker information and end-customer accounts on the exporter module. Only the relevant grower and buyer have access to this data. For support purposes, permission to access this data will always be requested.


Data committee

A Data Committee was established at the end of 2020 to discuss and evaluate the implementation of Royal FloraHolland's data and information policy. Among other things, the data committee mandates annual audits to check the functioning of the measures. The committee consists of representatives of Royal FloraHolland, growers, buyers, supplemented by representatives of transporters and an external independent expert on data.

View the members and tasks of the data committee.

Data access and processing

Who has access to data and how is it processed? A total overview can be found on the Floriday website.

Principles and policy