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System requirements

With Remote Buying, you can make purchases daily from all Royal FloraHolland clock auctions, without having to be physically present at the buyer's desk in the auction room.

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You just need the right computer and version of Windows and an internet connection! At the auction locations you can access it via the Marktplaats Netwerk, a separate fibreglass network for Remote Buying.

I am thinking of purchasing a new PC. What are the requirements it must meet?

It is important that your computer has a reliable operating system and reliable hardware. We have listed below the minimum technical specifications required of your computer. If you have any questions about them, you can always call or e-mail us.


It is essential that your computer and internet link are reliable. The Remote Buying software makes exacting demands of the quality of the operating system in combination with the hardware and network connection. To prevent problems occurring, we therefore advise installing the Remote Buying software on a dedicated PC or laptop. This means that the computer will not be used for other purposes, and no other software programmes will be running on it. The use of wireless internet via Wi-Fi is not recommended. A wireless connection is much less stable than a fixed line.

We do not advise the use of Windows 10 Home. This version can slow down the Remote Buying software, and as a result you cannot purchase precisely at the auction clocks. We also advise against the use of Minix Neo mini PCs! This competitively priced hardware has a chip controlling the graphics card that creates considerable delay!

Optional software

Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher (to print/export purchase agreements). Security programmes can slow down the Windows system and/or Remote Buying programme.

Minimum System Requirements for Remote Buying

  • Processor: Preferably i5 or higher or at least what Microsoft prescribes for Windows.
  • Memory: Minimum 1 GB RAM (32 bit) and minimum 2 GB RAM (64 bit).
  • Version of Windows: Windows 10 Pro or a newer version, in Dutch, German or English.
  • Disk space: No specific requirements, at least what Microsoft prescribes for Windows.
  • Connections: 1 Ethernet port, 1 USB port.
  • Headset: Standard USB headset. NB: no Bluetooth headsets!
  • Keyboard: QWERTY.
  • Display: Full HD or higher, minimum resolution 1920 x 1080.
  • Framework 4.6 Visual C++ runtime 2017 SP1 & Team Viewer.
  • Network: Not wireless! Broadband internet, min. 2 MB per workplace.