Promotion check

Get more returns from your retail channels.

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Promotion Check provides insight in the floricultural promotions of over 100 retailers in 25 European countries. It enables you to better anticipate the promotional efforts and prices of supermarkets, DIY stores and garden centres. Yielding more profit from your retail channels.

Experience from the sector

Ubink Plants: In our opinion, a number of products did not stand up well in the market. Royal Floraholland helped us to take the next step.

What does it cost?

Product package (5 licences)€60 per month€85 per month
Total package (5 licences)€120 per month170 per month€240 per month€330 per month
Extra licence€10 per month€15 per month€21 per month€26 per month
Rates are valid until 31/12/2023