Transport levy for the box pool

Sivepo launched a pool for multi-use flower boxes in 2002. Unlike plastic flower and plant containers, the return of flower box Fc519 is subject to an offset limitation.

This offset limit was set up to prevent Royal FloraHolland having to transport large quantities of boxes between locations. With the flower box Fc519, most changes lead to unacceptably high transport costs.

The levy system has six main elements:

  • Transport levy for the box pool applies to packaging code Fc519.
  • Boxes must be handed in to the location where they were purchased.
  • In each period, you may hand in a maximum of 250 extra boxes (more than you purchased) at that location at no charge.
  • There is no limit to handing in packaging code 519 at Naaldwijk.
  • We will deduct Direct Trade, Buyer-Buyer and Grower-Grower numbers in the event of any excess.
  • Is the difference per period greater than these 250 pieces? Then a charge of € 0.32 (fictitious rate) per box will be made.


You have an excess of 1,500 FC 519 boxes at Aalsmeer. You deduct from this your Direct Trade transactions and Buyer-Buyer transactions (for example, a total of 1,100) and 250 boxes of leeway. This leaves you with an actual excess of 150 boxes at € 0.32 (ffictitious rate).

We inform every buyer in advance by e-mail if he/she is going to be charged a levy. We settle the charge by direct debit.

You can request a weekly Box Imbalance Report from Customer Contact Center (free).

Current rates

The current levy amount can be found in the Customer rates Logistic Supplies.