In the direct trade of cut flowers and plants, multi-use boxes and plant trays (except Floratino), containers, and support racks of Royal FloraHolland can be exchanged directly between grower and buyer, without physically going through the auction or packaging depot. This direct exchange is called subturn.

The direct exchange of multi-use auction packaging is permitted under certain conditions. One of them is that the correct subturn code must be used.

Make sure you have the right subturn code

Just like with the standard packaging circulation, in the case of subturns a fee should be paid for each round. This concerns an adjusted fee compared to the standard packaging fee, as subturns are less expensive for Royal FloraHolland. By entering the correct subturn code on the delivery form, the correct fee is charged to you directly. As it is assumed that subturns involve exchanging 1 packaging item for another, no deposit is included.

Use of Royal FloraHolland sales channels

Royal FloraHolland packaging may only be used for product handled through the sales channels of Royal FloraHolland. We always conduct checks to make sure packaging and packaging labels are used correctly.

You are obliged to cooperate fully with the inspections of logistic supplies.