Trolley rental for internal use SIG

The Trolley rental for internal use (SIG) ensures that the users of trolleys inside the locations of Royal FloraHolland and Veiling Rhein-Maas (VRM) contribute to the cost of maintaining the trolley pool. In addition, this scheme also supports the availability of trolleys during the peak period.

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Box contracts

Every user concludes a contract with us for the use of trolleys. You pay a fixed amount per trolley.

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Internal overnight rental

We impose internal overnight rental to increase the availability of trolleys in the busiest periods of the year.

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Message overnight rental

Stay informed for free: whether internal overnight hiring will be imposed or not.

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Peak: more tightly loaded

On predetermined peak days, we will load auction trolleys as much as we possibly can during the distribution processes.

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Will levy be imposed or not?

Here we report during the internal night rental period whether or not the charge will continue during the night.

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