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Statement online

With Statement online you have immediately to hand all your invoices and financial statements from Royal FloraHolland at any time. Your invoices are posted quickly every day and are archived online for 7 years, as required by the Tax Office. That saves you a lot of paperwork.


Your benefits

  • You have access 24/7 to all your invoices and financial statements, going back up to seven years.
  • You have less trouble with bits of paper.
  • You never lose an invoice.

What does it cost?

Statement online is free of charge, as is the automatic receipt of your invoices by e-mail.

How does it work?

With a subscription to Statement online, you have access 24/7 to all your invoices and financial statements of all your administration numbers at the auction. All invoices that you also receive by e-mail are available immediately online every day in pdf format and are archived for seven years in Statement online. Using handy filters for document type, administration number and period, for example, you can quickly find what you want. It is easy to print the required documents or save them in your own system. This is not necessary for the Tax Office: it accepts Statement online as your electronic archive.