Social awareness

Paying attention to people, the environment and social issues is what we call responsible entrepreneurship. We feel this attention is important, and this is reflected in our daily work.

Proud, motivated employees are an essential precondition for a successful organisation. That's what we believe in. Motivated people do their work well. That is why we want to be a good employer for our staff, one they can be proud of.

New employees start with an onboarding programme. They learn about the mission, vision and strategy of Royal FloraHolland and experience our culture. We also ensure that the labour and work conditions and other practical matters are in order, so the employees can focus on their job. We are continuously watching for what they might need and take action to address any issue we find. Employees are also given the opportunity to develop and learn. One example of this is the Future Square, where employees can register for training and courses, whether in their specialism or outside it.


We also encourage our members and customers to strive for better products and business behaviour. That is why we sponsor several worthy causes like the Horticultural Entrepreneur's Prize and the annual horticultural event Visit the Greenhouse. We also support various flower parades that the general public enjoys every year, and Madurodam, where visitors can admire a miniature version of the flower auction.

Royal FloraHolland is consciously choosing its sponsorship targets for the coming years with the support of these worthy causes and flower and plant events.