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Youth Council

Royal FloraHolland's Youth Council involves young members in the cooperative. It is a breeding ground to gain experience with other parts within the cooperative. Or to stimulate, inspire or advise the company. Always through the eyes of young enterprising growers, the future of the cooperative. The Youth Council is a sparring partner and connector of young growers with the company and the cooperative.

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The Youth Council consists of 10 young and enthusiastic members from our cooperative. A club of people that provides new energy and ideas. There is always room for members who enjoy contributing ideas and organising events. If you would like to know more, feel free to contact us!


Throughout the year, programmes are organised on various topics with internal and external experts. There are various events, master classes and/or coaches to help us move forward and prepare us for our ambitious future.

Programmes cover topics such as:
  • How do we deal with family ties, succession and other expectations when we expand?
  • How do we find executives, manage them and retain them as we continue to grow?
  • How do we learn to lead at a more complex level as we get bigger?
  • How do we deal with stricter regulations, sustainability and technology combined with our ambition?

Whatsapp Group Youth Council

Would you like to be kept up to date with what is happening within the Youth Council and about information that is important to us, as young people? Sign up for the whatsapp group and stay informed!

Through this app group, we will keep you informed about activities of the Youth Council. Through this app group we share timely which sessions are coming up and we exchange messages about everything that is going on at Royal FloraHolland.

Would you like to join the Whatsapp group?

Send a message to Ruud van der Houwen on 06 45 27 56 67.