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The Royal FloraHolland platform

A futureproof international floriculture marketplace

Royal Floraholland is the largest international floriculture marketplace for flowers and plants: an association of growers with a business. We have two goals: being and remaining a healthy and attractive cooperative for our members and building the largest international B2B platform within the floriculture sector. Sustainability is an important foundation for this.

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The members are the foundation of the cooperative (an association of growers operating its own business). The members and company form the cooperative together. And nobody knows as much as all of us together. If everyone contributes ideas and we manage to integrate the best ideas with each other, then we as a cooperative can solve difficult problems as effectively as possible with the greatest possible support.

What does membership at Royal FloraHolland offer?

Stronger in the market

Your membership puts you in a strong position in the market or may even improve it. This applies to all members, both large and small. Royal FloraHolland helps ensure the best possible market price and opens the doors to various types of customers.

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Reducing the burden on growers

If you grow flowers or plants, you want to focus on what you do best. Ancillary matters, such as logistics and administration, simply need to be well-arranged. Royal FloraHolland reduced the burden on members with support services.


Representation of growers’ interests

By coming together as one unified voice in our discussions with the government during the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to ensure that an emergency fund was made available. It is important that the voice of the floriculture industry is heard loud and clear. The cooperative also stands up for those interests.


Involvement and governance

The members are the foundation of our cooperative and are represented by the elected Members' Council. The members together form the cooperative, with support from the company and the Supervisory Board.


Membership benefits

Member involvementMembers' Council, member sessions, annual members’ meeting
FPC participation
Co-creation via leading team, support team, sounding board group
Members’ newsletter, members’ magazine, product newsletter
Cooperative Day
Representation of interestsLobbying activities
Advice on legislation and regulations, as well as legal issues
Showcase function for sector, e.g. Glazen Tulp
Sharing product-specific knowledge and market information
Financial35% discount when participating in trade fairs
Discount on services
Reducing the burdenWeekly payment
Royal FloraHolland handles payment flows
Administration complies with regulations
Access to logistic supplies and packaging
Access to logistics centre of the floriculture industry

Our members have their say

Everything revolves around connection,with members in the Netherlands and overseas

The clock is indispensable for the auction. It distinguishes us from competitors. But the auction can be stronger. Read the column by Riyah Bunty Shah, Members' Council member since 2019 and chair of the Nomination Committee. Riyah owns Bloomingdale Roses in Kenya.

Riyah bunty shah

We all get better if we make more of an effort to understand each other

What are you willing to do for the other? In the opinion of vice chair of the Members’ Council Robin van der Knaap, that is the essence of cooperating. Cooperate is the verb behind cooperative. For me, that means: leaving something alone now and then, offering space for the needs of others.

Robin van der Knaap Ledenraad

Let us hear from you when things are going well

We are a cooperative. An association with a company of which we are joint owners. Rieneke van der Houwen is the owner of a company herself. A company she is proud of.

Rieneke van der Houwen

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