Result of plant tray survey

In the summer of 2017, we conducted a survey of why specific packaging is chosen. This survey was completed by about 200 growers and customers.

The most important results:

  • 80% of the customers and growers consider the sustainability of the use of packaging to be important.
  • Customers (2/3) determine more often than the grower (1/3) which type of tray is used.
  • The most important aspects for a plant tray are loading, sturdiness and cleanliness.
  • According to customers and growers, multi-use trays score better in terms of sturdiness, while single-use trays score better in terms of loading and cleanliness according to the survey respondents.
  • The administration and the return flow are labelled disadvantages to the use of multi-use trays, especially by export-oriented customers.

Both customers and growers envisage many possibilities for making the use of packaging even more sustainable. For example, greater awareness and better alignment of the supply of multi-use plant trays to the demand.

We shall use these outcomes in sector sustainability plans to propose concrete actions to make the use of packaging as efficient and sustainable as possible. We shall be collaborating with chain partners and stakeholders.