Quality policy for growers

The reliability of the quality and grading information at the clock needs to improve drastically! Growers are responsible themselves for providing the correct data. And customers demand more than ever that the data are in order. The quality policy works towards this. Royal FloraHolland no longer conducts inspections, instead it handles product complaints.

Where are we now with the quality policy?

In practice, it seems that the expected effect of the quality policy on the market has not materialised. Royal FloraHolland has taken measures to improve this situation. In addition, Royal FloraHolland provides customised services to help improve the reliability of your product at the clock. Make use of them!

Here is a listing of the measures and services:

Your preferences in responding to a product complaint

What are your standard preferences when Royal FloraHolland handles complaints from customers about your products? You can specify them in the Product complaint menu on My Royal FloraHolland.

Quality intervention: product not auctioned if complaints recur

Apparently, 10 percent of the growers are responsible for 40 percent of the product complaints from customers after the auction. The Quality Intervention Department focusses specifically on this group of growers. Its staff inspects the supply daily on the basis of excessive complaints in previous days before the auction process starts. If the information is found to be incorrect or the lots are not marketable, then the product is not auctioned. The aim is to reduce quality excesses and prevent the recurrence of complaints.

Quality Index at the clock: how reliable is your information?

The Quality Index (QI) reflects the reliability of a grower's quality and grading information at the clock. It shows the percentage of complaints received in the past 8 weeks. We work with a classification arrangement in the QI system:

  • Class A: no or fewer than 1 percent complaints.
  • Class B: 1 to 5 percent complaints.
  • Class C: 5 percent or more complaints.

The QI helps customers when selecting and purchasing lots. After all, the higher the class, the smaller the chance of complaints! The QI is replacing the RI and concerns only complaints about quality and grading deviations (not logistical corrections).

Lots not auctioned

Sometimes lots are supplied of such poor quality that they are not marketable. Auctioneers encounter them during the auction. In those situations they are entitled to decide not to auction the lot. They subsequently contact the grower to discuss the complaint and agree on what to do with the lot that was not auctioned.

Corrected Lot Information: being informed immediately about corrections

Would you like to be informed immediately about corrections to your supply information? Then subscribe to the Corrected Lot Information service (previously called: Quality Inspector findings). You will then receive an e-mail or sms about each correction.

High percentage of complaints? Additional supervision!

Growers who regularly supply unreliable information and thus receive many complaints will temporarily receive personal supervision by Royal FloraHolland. The auction advises and supports these growers in getting their information in order. Royal FloraHolland focusses first on the group of growers with the most complaints.