Quality policy buyers

As a customer you want to be sure you can rely on the quality and grading information at the clock. Growers are responsible themselves for providing the correct data. Royal FloraHolland does not conducts inspections, instead it handles product complaints. The quality policy works towards improving the quality and grading information at the clock continuously. The measures taken and services provided are described below.

Quality Index at the clock: how reliable is the information?

The Quality Index (QI) helps customers when selecting and purchasing lots. It reflects the reliability of a grower's quality and grading information at the clock. It shows the percentage of complaints received in the past 8 weeks. It is replacing the RI (Reliability Index).

Classification is as follows:

  • Class A: no or fewer than 1 percent complaints.
  • Class B: 1 to 5 percent complaints.
  • Class C: 5 percent or more complaints.

If you buy from an A-class grower, you can be 99 percent certain that the quality and grading information is correct. Around 80 percent of our growers supply in class A.

Always report complaints to Product Complaint

Have you found quality deviations in products you purchased? Always report this to Product Complaint, as this allows Royal FloraHolland to take targetted action. If too many complaints are received over several days, Quality Intervention staff start conducting daily inspections of the supply. If the information is found to be incorrect or lots are not marketable, then the immediate decision will be taken not to auction that product. In this way we reduce the number of complaints and prevent recurrences. Besides our staff from Product Complaints can help you to resolve the smooth handling of your claims.

Report non-marketable lots when viewing the supply

Sometimes lots are supplied of such poor quality that they are not marketable. Auctioneers encounter them during the auction. In those situations they are entitled to decide not to auction the lot. If when viewing the supply you come across lots that are not marketable in your opinion, please inform the Quality Intervention Department.

Lot Deviation Notification

  • Would you like to be informed promptly if serious quality or grading deviations have been found in a lot you have purchased? Then subscribe to Lot Deviation Notification (previously called: Full-Lot Re-inspection Scheme). This service will send you a sms with the notification.

    More information about Lot Deviation Notification