Auctioning plants

Auction times, auction groups, regulations and tips. In short: everything you need to know when auctioning your plants via Royal FloraHolland.

More about auctioning

Another auctioning location

It’s possible your product is much more suited to another market place.

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Auction information

All about auction times, auction groups and other information about our auction.

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Auction presale

Online purchasing of small quantities for a relatively low cost.

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Auctioning with CC-containers

Satisfied customers who can leave to transport their purchases sooner

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See and hear what is actually happening at the clocks on your laptop or PC.

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Price information messaging

You will always be informed of the prices of your products.

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Draw clock customers' attention to your new product, concept or packaging.

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Non and early auction days

Here you find an overview of the non-auction days for our export locations.

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Royal FloraHolland Quality

In order to set up a Quality Auction Group and get the most out of your product, you must meet additional requirements.

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