Florists clock Eelde

The Florists Clock can be found at the Eelde location and is specially designed for customers who purchase on a small scale. There are three physical clocks where products can be auctioned.

How can I benefit?

  • Your product is displayed in the shop windows of florists and garden centers
  • Good pricing due to the specific target group that focuses on sales to consumers
  • An opportunity to try your products out on the target group
  • It is easy for you to include product information
  • You also have every opportunity to promote your products during the auction
  • You can spread your sales
  • Favorable discontinuation of the lot levy makes it attractive to supply smaller lots

Auction group numbers

If you would like to supply products to the Florists Clock Eelde, please contact us first so that we can place you in the best sales position before the start of the auction. The auction group numbers that you can then use can be found here:



Video Bloemistenklok Eelde

Deze video laat zien wat Royal FloraHolland locatie Eelde als marktplaats te bieden heeft. Zo komen de Bloemistenklok, importhandling, @RondomklokEelde, EuroFleur Eelde en Groen Groep Eelde allemaal aan bod. Samen bieden zij een complete marktplaats voor klanten.