Auction presales

Customers are making greater demands. They want to order from a broad and deep assortment of flowers and plants in increasingly smaller quantities. This makes the sales process more complex and often more expensive. With Auction presales via the digital trade platform FloraMondo, you can sell small quantities and realise a better price, without additional transport costs.

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Your benefits

  • You put your products on offer a day before the auction.
  • You set the sales price.
  • Your customers can make small purchases, starting at one container.
  • You do not have to worry about the distribution of small packages: the purchases are delivered together with the clock purchases to the customer.
  • You do not pay any additional transport costs compared to the regular clock distribution.

What does it cost?

  • Auction presales via the digital trade platform FloraMondo is free of charge.
  • For selling via Auction presales the same conditions and rates apply as for the regular clock distribution.

How does it work?

Via FloraMondo Auction presales you can sell at most 50% of your clock supply* a day before the auction, from 12:00 to 05:55, just before the start of auctioning. You submit your supply for Auction presales simply and easily via your EDF.

With Auction presales you offer your customers complete flexibility for small purchases. From 12:00 noon, customers can purchase the clock supply for the following day via Clock presale, or transfer it directly to their webshop. Don't lose the opportunity of reaching potential customers and fill in your Auctions presales price as early as possible! You do not have to wait until you have submitted your EDF, you can already enter your Auction presales via FloraMondo.

Delivery of the flowers and plants is done with the regular clock distribution. You do not have any additional transport costs because your Auction presales supply is delivered along with your clock supply.

* During the peak period 04-2023 to 06-2023, a different percentage applies. Vitit the peak page -> higher volumes per transaction.