Growth platforms

In this day and age it is becoming increasingly difficult to capture the hearts of consumers. The brains of consumers have to process an increasingly large amount of stimuli on a daily basis. We need focus and direction if we want the market to grow. The growth platforms help you achieve that.

Growth platforms, a tested marketing methodology, are strategic communication themes that indicate the growth opportunities in the market. They are based on actual and validated data and have been developed by Royal FloraHolland in collaboration with chain parties. This makes them suitable for the entire sector.

Four growth platforms

The growth platform and the application differ per company, which is why they are always tailor-made. We work on the basis of four growth platforms: Connecting Friends, Interior, Health & Wellbeing and Celebrate Seasons. This allows us to jointly utilize the growth opportunities in the market to achieve an optimum result.

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Do you want to grow your market share?

Then you need focus and direction. To this end, the Retail Services team can organise a custom-made workshop for you. During this workshop you will use the necessary background information in an interactive way for your own company or case. With a good combination of: objective, consumer, country, association, growth platform and sales channel, you can work out a suitable value proposition for your company in one afternoon.