Houseplant of the month

With the Houseplant of the month campaign, the Flower Council Holland (BBH) turns a spotlight onto a different houseplant each month on behalf of its members.

Royal FloraHolland aims to add value and increase distinctiveness in the sales of flowers and plants to improve the market position of its members. The aim of this campaign is to encourage consumers to rediscover that plants are not only lovely indoor articles, they can also make you feel better. This campaign is being conducted in 5 countries: the Netherlands, Germany, France, the UK and Italy.

The clock auction employees also draw attention to the 'Houseplant of the month' with the use of product presentations beside the auction rooms. They present that month's Houseplant along with POS material. Various buyers and dealers display the 'Houseplant of the month' on their websites. Some cash & carry stores communicate about the Houseplant of the month to their customers through product presentations.

The accountmanagers and productmanagers at Royal FloraHolland are trying to stimulate more buyers, dealers and cash & carry stores to participate in this promotion.

The campaign on the shopfloor

Florists and garden centres can download promotional material from the BBH website. They can use this material on the shopfloor to draw attention to the Houseplant of the month.

Along with promotional material florists and employees of garden centres receive background information and tips for caring for the product. This is really helpful because consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the story behind the product.