FAQ about packaging card

You will always need a packaging card to collect and return packaging.

How do I order packaging?

You can order your packaging via the Packaging Online web application.

How do I gain access to the digital service 'Collecting and returning packaging' in My Royal FloraHolland?

  • Log in to 'My Royal FloraHolland'
  • Click on 'Available services' under 'My services' to activate the service.
  • Add the 'Packaging collection and return' service (not to be confused with 'Logistic Supplies Online')
  • Then click on 'Packaging collection and return' under 'Start web services'.
  • You can order your packaging here: click for a brief set of instructions on entering orders and notifying returns.

What is the Packaging Online service?

With Packaging Online you can order your packaging and announce its return in a simple and digital way. You can also view your packaging transactions for up to three months. You choose how you want to arrange your packaging announcements: via the online application (Webview) in 'My Royal FloraHolland' on your PC or via the Royal FloraHolland web application.

I currently order packaging from my transporter. Will that change?

That will not change. Transporters will turn in these orders in the same way as they are doing now.

Will anything change in the collection of lock plates and CC-containers?

The procedure for collecting lock plates and CC-containers remains the same. Therefore, you cannot use the new packaging card for this purpose. For the Aalsmeer location, this means that you need a card to collect CC-containers and the new packaging card to collect packaging.

What will change in the collection or return of packaging?

The most important changes for packaging users are:

  • Using just one packaging card at all of our locations to collect packaging and approve packaging transactions.
  • The introduction of the digital transaction receipt that we send out immediately after every transaction by e-mail.

How can I change the e-mail address at which I want to receive the digital transaction receipt?

You cannot do this yourself at present. In order to change this, please contact our Contact Center. Please pass on the grower number in question and the new email address. You can give multiple email addresses.

How can I order the new packaging card?

You order your packaging card by filling in an order form. The conditions for the use of the new packaging card can also be found there.

My company has multiple administration numbers. Do I have to order multiple packaging cards?

Yes, the packaging card is linked to an administration number. So if you want to collect packaging using multiple administration numbers, you will have to request a packaging card for each administration number.

What does the packaging card cost?

The packaging card is free of charge. If you lose it, you may be charged for it.

What should I do if I lose my packaging card?

Report the loss immediately to Customer Contact Center so we can block your packaging card. You can request a new packaging card using the order form.

What should I do if the barcode on my packaging card becomes damaged?

Some packaging cards are wearing out faster than expected, as a result of which the barcode is difficult to read. In order to prevent further wear, packaging card sleeves will be available from the fixed distribution and collection points. The sleeve will protect your packaging card from wear and tear. If the barcode on your packaging card is difficult to scan, you can use the order form to request a new card.