FAQ lock plate

The lock plate carries a barcode and tag. When issued, it is linked to the customer. Upon receipt, the link is removed, and the lock plate can be issued to someone else. The lock plate can only be removed from an auction trolley by employees of Royal FloraHolland, by keyholders or customers with a lock plate key machine (SPSA). Our employees have a special lock plate key, which always remains with Royal FloraHolland. A SPSA also contains a lock plate key. If you have information about the improper use of logistic supplies, please let us know.

Peak period fees

Each year Royal FloraHolland institutes a peak period around the busiest supply period of the year. For these 13 weeks, adjusted fees apply to the rental of CC containers and lock plates.

You can find out more about the peak period dates and fees in the List of Logistic Supplies Charges:

Which form of rent can I choose?

The available rental forms are:

  • Yearly rental, without peak surcharge
  • Six-monthly rental, with peak charge (per day)
  • Quarterly rental, with peak charge (per day)
  • Monthly rental, with peak charge (per day)
  • Weekly rental, with peak charge (per day)
  • Daily rental, with peak charge (per day)

The CVV scheme is in force for participants in the CVV scheme.

Do I have to pay for storage and engraving?

You pay nothing for the engraving or short-term (up to one year) storage of the lock plate. You do pay regular rental and peak charges.

Proof of ID required

You must always be able to produce proof of identification when collecting lock plates.

Difference between surplus and named lock plate

  • A 'surplus' lock plate is exchangeable. There is no link between the lock plate number and your customer number. So you can hand in different surplus lock plates than the ones issued to you.
  • A 'named' lock plate is not exchangeable. A link is created between the lock plate number and your customer number upon issue. This means you need to hand back the specific lock plate numbers you were issued.


If you would like 'named' lock plates to be used by third parties, you need to make sure these third parties have at all times a signed mandate they can produce for Royal FloraHolland.

What are the colours of the lock plates?

  • The surplus lock plates are purple and are exchangeable between users.
  • Growers and Customers receive as a group named lock plates in lemon yellow.
  • Transporters receive as a group named lock plates in turqoise.
  • A number of larger transporters will have named lock plates in their own colours.

Can I get my lock plate engraved?

Yes, you can get your named lock plates engraved (see below). Surplus lock plates cannot be engraved because users can change.

What are the conditions for engraving?

Unlike in Aalsmeer, named lock plates can be engraved only if you have arranged quarterly rental or longer. And it's free to have a lock plate engraved after the exchange campaign ends. Your customer number can be up to 7 characters long, and your customer name can be up to 12 characters long (including spaces and punctuation).

Engraved named lock plates can be collected at your chosen location.

The average order time is 10 working days (depending on the number of ordered lock plates and any peak periods).

Can I attach my own company logo?

Yes, but only on engraved 'named' lock plates. Lock plates have a space of 2.5 x 3.5 cm with rounded corners for affixing a company sticker. You may not place a sticker anywhere else on the lock plate. The sticker must be washable and it must be completely removed when handed in at the end of the rental contract.

Returns- and distribution voucher and rent calculation

Want to know what the new return voucher, distribution voucher and rent calculation looks like?

Will I still be invoiced in advance?

You will be invoiced weekly in the new scheme1.

Example 1: You rent 5 lock plates on Tuesday, 20 November on a quarterly rental basis. A charge for 5 x quarterly rent will appear on the next weekly statement (Friday, 23 November) or the next service invoice (Tuesday, 27 November). Another charging system applies to the CVV scheme. This is explained in the CVV newsletter.

Example 2: You rent 5 lock plates on Tuesday, 20 November on an annual rental basis. Annual rent is charged on a quarterly basis. A charge for 5 x ¼ year rent will appear on the next weekly statement (Friday, 23 November) or the next service invoice (Tuesday, 27 November). You will be charged for the next quarter on the first Friday/Tuesday after 20 February.

See your lock plate balance online

The system which stores lock plate data is the system for Danish Trolleys. Therefore, the Logistic Supplies Online service is immediately updated with lock plate data. This means you need to log in only once to see all your data.

Linked customer numbers

Are your Danish Trolleys linked to other customer numbers? Then this link also applies to lock plates. Transaction details, balance details and invoicing are processed against the main number.

It is not yet possible to link Danish Trolleys and lock plates separately. If you decide to cancel the link in its entirety, please inform our Customers service.

When cancelling a financial link, both parties must always be informed since this action can have a direct financial result (either for lock plates or Danish Trolleys).

Can I put my lock plate in storage?

If you don't need your engraved 'named' lock plates for some time but don't want to have the engraving removed, you can store them at any of the Royal FloraHolland locations. This service is free. However, if these lock plates are not in circulation for more than one year, the engraving will be removed and the costs recharged to you.

No sub-renting anymore

The new 'named' plates may only be issued to those whose customer number and name are engraved on the lock plate. The renter and the engraved lock plate details must always be identical upon issue.

Out-of-stock lock plates

You are responsible for making sure you have enough engraved lock plates in stock at your most frequently visited locations. Unlike other logistic supplies, these are not held by Royal FloraHolland.

RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification-tag) now on the lock plates

A Ultra High Frequency (UHF) tag will be fitted to all lock plates, whether used for auction trolleys or Danish Trolleys. The coding of this tag is similar to that of the auction trolley and consists of 26 numbers. It is known as a passive tag, so it is only readable with a scanner and not at a distance. If you are scanning yourself, you need to have your scanners and software adapted to this change in good time.


Royal FloraHolland has an agreement with Plantion about the locking of lock plates of Royal FloraHolland auction trolleys at Plantion.

From clock supply and commercial flows (Connect), the lock plates are locked. This is done one on one, and you receive an empty Royal FloraHolland trolley to which you can click your lock plate.