Logistics Supply Regulations for CC containers

Read more about our Logistics Supply Regulations for CC containers.

Loading regulations (apply to both Clock and Direct trade)

  • Maximum load per container: 400 kg.
  • Maximum load per shelf: 60 kg.
  • Maximum weight per packaging unit: 14 kg.
  • Maximum container height: 2.70 m. This is inclusive of the attachment and the height of the product.
  • Make sure the container is well packaged. A sealed container is easier to process and less likely to cause damage to the product.
  • Ensure an optimal loading capacity: leave enough space between the shelves to make sure the product does not touch the shelf above.
  • For direct trade: for mixed loading, place the heaviest products on the bottom.
  • Make sure your products do not stick out of the trolley.

Conditions for use of attachments

We use so-called attachments for loading CCs. These attachments may be made of one of several materials, for which different regulations apply.

  • Steel attachments: do not place shelves above the seventh hole counting from the bottom.
  • KUMA attachments: do not place shelves above the fifth hole counting from the bottom.
  • Other plastic attachments: do not place shelves above the third hole counting from the bottom.
  • Wooden attachments: not permitted in combination with the use of shelves, but you may use them to seal your products.

Please note: If you use attachments or extensions, the container must always be sealed including these pieces.

Important information: You decide whether to use attachments or not. There is no separate charge.

Specific regulations for CC containers

  • Always use an official CC base, recognisable by the metal CC marking plate and bearing at least one orange/green CC TAG5 (CC label) with a scannable RFID tag.
  • Use a container with four properly-functioning wheels.
  • The uprights must be firmly connected to the base. There must be no room for movement between the corner and the upright.
  • Do not use defective bases, uprights or shelves.
  • The uprights may not protrude beneath the corner pieces.

Upholding supply regulations

The supply regulations are meant to guarantee an efficient and problem-free processing of your products. If you do not conform to them, there can be negative consequences for the processing time for your product.

We do not compensate any damage occurring as a result. We charge you for any associated costs.

We supervise the compliance with the rules. To ensure they are upheld, there are the following sanctions:

  • For the first infringement: we call you about the confirmed problem and calculate the cost for resolving it and charge you for this.
  • For the second infringement: we go over the agreements with you on the telephone. The cost for resolution and adjustment are charged to your account. You can ask our account manager for help with supplying in the correct manner.
  • For the third infringement: we charge the costs to your account along with a fine.
  • For the fourth infringement: you will be turned away from the docks.

Auctioning CC containers

Are you planning to start auctioning CC containers? Please consult the available information about completing the auction documents, auction call numbers and other matters.

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