Collecting and returning trolleys

At all locations, you will find trolley buffers at the supply locations during opening hours. You may use the stacking carts outside the auction buildings only if they are equipped with a lock plate.

Please be economical with the trolleys during peak times!

We ask you to be economical with trolleys during times such as the spring supply peak. We make maximum use of our trolleys during such periods by speeding up repairs, stacking packaging efficiently and the internal night rental scheme. Daily truck deliveries also help to reduce the imbalance in the number of trolleys at each location.

Broken trolleys

A defective trolley must be given a defect label, which can be picked up at various places in the auction. You fix the yellow plastic defect label through the lock plate holder so that the trolley cannot leave the auction building. If the trolley no longer works but is still fitted with a lock plate, you can have it removed by a technician.