Auction trolleys

Rapid delivery to your buyers begins with the right logistic supplies. That is why buyers of Royal FloraHolland can make use of trolleys at every auction location. They are easy to use and load, and simple to return, saving you time and money.

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Your benefits

  • Quality and sufficient quantities at every auction location
  • Easy to use and load
  • No purchasing or maintenance costs

What does it cost?

Our trolleys may be used for free within the auction buildings. If you use trolleys in your box after 19:00, then the 'Trolley Rental for Internal Use' regulations apply. You arrange a number of box contracts and may pay a surcharge on the busiest nights in the peak period (totalling 20 to 25).

Outside the auction buildings (or when transferring to a truck), you may only use trolleys fitted with a rented lock plate.You can rent a lock plate for a year, 6 months, 3 months, one month, a week or a day. If you rent a lock plate for a year, then you do not have to pay peak surcharges in the busy spring period.

How does it work?

The auction trolley is the most commonly used means of transport of plants and flowers in Royal FloraHolland. The standard aluminium trolley has three shelves (or 'trays'). All of them are fitted with a RFID-chip (Radio Frequency IDentification).

You can deliver, use and take away the trolleys at each auction location. During our supply times, there are trolley buffers provided at each location.

The trolleys remain the property of Royal FloraHolland.

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