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In recent months, we've been working hard on improving the Auction function in Floriday, with a group of growers participating in the early testing and providing us with input. As of this week, the updated Auction function is live for all users in Floriday. Watch the video to see how Kwekerij Chrywijk has been finding it!
From now on, you'll be able to create an auction letter in Floriday with great ease. Together with a number of growers, such as Kwekerij Chrywijk, we've made a number of improvements and made the Auction function more user-friendly. Lies van Wijk, owner of Kwekerij Chrywijk, has been involved in the development of the new Auction function from the outset, providing input and testing along with various other growers in the initial phase. Watch the video with Lies van Wijk below.
Lies van Wijk: "Creating and printing a new auction letter can now be done very quickly. The improvements mean that I have to click much less, which automatically reduces the chance of making mistakes. Fewer clicks and fewer errors - that was our request. We're very satisfied!"

Improvements to the updated Auction function

A typical feature of the updated Auction function in Floriday is that from now on you can create an auction letter in just a few simple steps. Another feature is the flexibility: as a grower, you can quickly adjust trade item characteristics or correct the auction letter if something goes wrong. And if you only want to see Auction functions in Floriday, then simply opt for 'Auction mode' from now on. It's very easy when you're just supplying to Auction!

The possibilities of the updated Auction letter

  • You can use the following Auction function components in the updated Auction function:
  • Create a delivery form in one screen;
  • Work faster thanks to fewer clicks;
  • Immediately fill in the Auction Presales price
  • Both delivery and form are easy to correct immediately
  • You can save a template of your auction letter
  • Print more notes at once
  • Working in Auction mode; only the Auction functions appear in your screen.

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