Royal FloraHolland - Where are we with the Florinee petition? And how does the emergency brake work?

March 19, 2021
Royal floraholland marcel van tol

On Friday 19 March, the consultation meeting was held with the Members' Council and the petitioners of the Florinee petition. Starting point was that members talk to members. And it turned out to be a good and constructive meeting.

Five members who presented the petition spoke with five members of the Members' Council. They gave a good explanation of the petition they had submitted. The Members' Council was also able to ask clarifying questions. The petitioners were Martin Hogeboom, Pieter Kolk, Gert Ubink, Ad Dekkers and Rémi van Adrichem. Marcel van Tol, Arnoud van der Knaap, Eva van Etten, Herman de Jong and Peter Smak were present from the Members' Council.

We continue to talk

The Members' Council also held talks this week with some seventy petition signers. Two more sessions are planned for this week. We will also engage in discussions with members who have not signed the petition.

"We also want to take into account the voices of other members in our decision whether to hold an extra Members' Council meeting. The minutes of the consultation meeting will also be included in the decision-making meeting," said Marcel van Tol, chairman of the Council of Members.

How will we proceed?

Marcel van Tol and Mirjam van der Meer of the Members' Council talk about the first petition discussions and the follow-up. What has been raised? What are we going to do next? Watch the video:

How does the emergency brake work?

Members can call an extra meeting of the Members' Council. This provides members with a so-called emergency brake. How does this process work? Watch the video: