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Enhancing the reliability of product information and photos is crucial for the marketplace to operate properly, and for improving the purchase experience of buyers at auction.

This is becoming even more important in a world that continues to digitise and internationalise. Among other things, we are intensifying the quality checks on product photos, but there is still much room for improvement. We're working on that. Together with buyers and suppliers.

The current Quality Index

The current Quality Index is based on the number of complaints received by suppliers on auction batches in the past eight weeks. One claim is not included in the calculation as standard. However, a large proportion of the complaints are caused by a relatively small group of suppliers. If, in the table below for example, we only consider growers with a C-score, it appears that they only supply 6% of all batches but cause 34% of all complaints. This is not however clearly reflected in the current Quality Index.

The renewed Quality Index

In order to demonstrate this insight more clearly, we are working on a new Quality Index. The renewed Quality Index shows what percentage of the batches is delivered by a supplier without errors. This percentage is based on the number of discrepancies in delivery information that growers received on auction batches in the past 62 weeks. That is therefore a much longer period than the current Quality Index. These discrepancies may have been noted both before the auction (through quality checks) and after the auction (through complaints).

Suppliers who deliver less than 50 batches in 62 weeks will not be scored. This concerns approximately 0.2% of the batches offered. In September, we will tell you more about our approach to rewarding growers who almost always supply faultless products and penalising growers who generate a lot of complaints.

More information

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Contact Center. They will be happy to help!