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In recent months, growers have provided input on improvements for the auction function in Floriday. The aim of these improvements is to ensure that the function becomes simpler more user-friendly for growers who make use of this in Floriday. With this update, we want to show you already which possibilities the auction function will offer soon. The improvement will be visible in the Floriday screens at the beginning of July.

The simplification of the auction function has been implemented together with users. A large proportion of the wishes that we received via the previously held workshops and wishes on the road map are included in this.

Which possibilities will the improved auction function offer soon?

  • You will create a delivery form in one screen; as a result of this, fewer clicks will be needed
  • The price for Auction Presales-supply can be entered immediately
  • You can easily add and edit trade item characteristics (separately from the characteristics that are fixed in the catalog)
  • The delivery and the form can be edited and/or corrected with one press of the button.
  • The delivery form can be saved as a template; creating the next form will therefore take you less time
  • And also it will be possible to print several forms in one go, to add extra forms with a successive form number en viewing and editing your auction document in the interim period.

Development together with users

The first elaboration of this was tested at the beginning of April in so-called 'ideation sessions' with various growers. Using feedback from this session, the development team started making the actual screens. The next step is that we will ask a group of users to test the function in practice before we roll this out to all users. We expect to test the function in June and that it will go live in the Floriday screens at the beginning of July. This development has not impact on the growers who create their auction letters with an API link.

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