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Last Friday, 18 June, an easing of the corona measures was announced. The Dutch cabinet has decided to abolish most measures from Saturday 26 June, with the exception of the one and a half metre rule. In this message, we inform you about what this means for the marketplace of Royal FloraHolland.

Mandatory mouth mask in public areas no longer required
Wearing a mouth mask in public areas such as the auction rooms, the logistics area and the office area will no longer be necessary from 26 June. Where it is not possible to keep a one-and-a-half metre distance, the requirement to wear a mouth mask will remain in force.

Registration of auction rooms will remain in place
From 26 June onwards, it is permitted to receive more visitors in the mining halls. The registration, reservation and health check for the demining halls remains in force.

Reporting cluster infections remains
Are you accommodated at one of the Royal FloraHolland locations and do you notice cluster infections? Please continue to report this to the Royal FloraHolland security department so that we can take measures together to prevent further spread.

In the event of two or more infestations within your company, please contact our company security department:  

  • Aalsmeer +31 (0)29 7392500 
  • Naaldwijk +31 (0)17 4632555 
  • Rijnsburg +31 (0)71 4094201 
  • Eelde +31 (0)50 3097205 

More meetings and visits on location
The maximum number of visitors is cancelled if a distance of one and a half metres can be kept. So larger gatherings can again be organised without self testing. Employees of Royal FloraHolland can also visit you again if the one and a half metre distance is observed.

Other matters:

  • From 1 September we want to organise fairs and other events at our locations again. Preparations for the TradeFair Aalsmeer (November) are already in full swing.
  • Plans are currently being made to reopen the visitors' centre of Royal FloraHolland from 14 July.


Do you have any questions or remarks in response to this message? Please contact us at +31 (0)88 789 89 89 or