Royal FloraHolland - Royal FloraHolland Management Board opts for phased enforcement of environmental registration and environmental certification

October 23, 2020
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The Management Board is taking the advice issued by the Members’ Council on 8 October, and will be implementing phased enforcement of digital environmental registration and environmental certification. It will also continue to focus on the commitment of trade and on outlining the preconditions.

On October 8, the Members' Council issued a positive advice to the Management Board concerning enforcement of and sanctions for the mandatory digital environmental registration and environmental certification. Furthermore, Council members voiced their concerns about the commitment of trade, the impact on the smaller growers and whether the preconditions are properly outlined. The concerns and issues indicated by the Members' Council were expressly considered in the Management decision.

Gradual introduction

The digital environmental registration and environmental certification obligation is a challenge for a number of growers. To accommodate them, Royal FloraHolland will start phased enforcement, based on turnover volume. This will give smaller growers with a lower turnover and growers outside of the Netherlands more time to orient themselves with regard to the possibilities for digital environmental registration and environmental certification. Exceptions and exceptional circumstances have also been taken into account. For example, it includes a cessation scheme for member-suppliers who are considering ceasing operations in the short term.

Joint floriculture chain approach

CEO Steven van Schilfgaarde: "Sustainable production and products are becoming the norm. With digital environmental registration and certification, we are adapting to this changing demand from the market, government and society. It makes our sustainability efforts transparent and verifiable. But we understand our growers' concerns. We will therefore make every effort to ensure that both on the grower side and on the trade side there is a commitment to fully certified sustainable production and procurement. We will do so in close cooperation with our suppliers, as well as with the VGB and the Accelerators' Initiative (Dutch Flower Group, Royal Lemkes, Waterdrinker, FleuraMetz and Royal FloraHolland).

Outlining preconditions

One of the set preconditions is helping growers who have not yet started digital environmental registration and certification. To personally inform growers or help them get started, we have assembled a Support Team.

Furthermore, growers should have a choice. Currently, MPS-ABC, KFC (Kenia) and Florverde (Colombia) already meet the requirements for digital environmental registration and environmental certification. Soon, the organisation GLOBALG.A.P. will introduce a new environment module. When that happens, GLOBALG.A.P., will offer a complete solution by means of digital registration tools.


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