Royal floraholland extraledenraadvergaderingmei2021

An extra Members’ Council meeting was held on Thursday evening 20 May. All members of Royal FloraHolland had the opportunity to talk to one another at this special meeting. The extra Members’ Council meeting was part of the so-called emergency brake procedure.

Members who are not on the Members' Council can use this procedure to convene an additional meeting where all members can speak.

About 230 members participated in the meeting. Unfortunately, the initiators of the petition were not in the studio. They chose to follow the meeting online. The meeting looked back on the first two years of the Members' Council, in which a number of important topics were discussed. During the meeting, the Members' Council explained how it fulfils its advisory role and discussed the implementation of the strategy.

Agenda items discussed

Digital environmental registration and certification was on the agenda as well. The ensuing discussion centred on the obligation and illustrated the great diversity among the members.
The problems with Floriday's functionalities and an unrealistic deadline were the main reasons for the petition. In a sometimes fierce discussion about Floriday, it was confirmed that members believe that the Management Board and the Supervisory Board (SB) have not listened sufficiently to the signals from growers and buyers.

A new approach has now been developed for Floriday, while the Members' Council is still deliberating on digital environmental registration and certification. Members' Council member Arnoud van der Knaap was present and openly criticised the performance of the Management Board and Supervisory Board. "This entire petition would not have been necessary if the Management Board and Supervisory Board had picked up the signals early. We have to learn from this! Indirectly, this petition ought to lead to the Members' Council becoming more powerful. As a Members' Council, we are not a club of yes-men."

Commitment is strong

Marcel van Tol, chairman of the Members' Council, said after the meeting. "We all had a good conversation tonight, as growers amongst each other. You can see that commitment is strong. Our own companies are very different and our joint company is constantly changing. This does not happen without a struggle. What is the right approach to help all the different growers in the best possible way? As far as I am concerned, we have to keep up the pace and at the same time ensure that everyone is able to participate. That is the challenge."

Royal Floraholland Marcel Van Tol Extraledenraadvergaderingmei2021

This informal Members' Council meeting is not the final destination. During the formal Members' Council meeting on 1 July, the Members' Council will discuss all input collected in recent months and take a decision.