Royal floraholland fc588

After its successful phased introduction, the Fc588 will be available for all product groups from Monday 5 July 2021. The Fc588 benefits growers, buyers and their end customers. The flower bucket, with its higher load factor, reduces costs, such as transport and handling, and, with this packaging, we're making a valuable contribution to improving the efficiency of the entire floriculture chain.

With the introduction of the new efficient Fc588 flower bucket , we are responding to the increasing use of CC containers in exports, working towards further sustainability, and reducing chain costs. In the meantime, more than 33 million rotations have taken place, with the Fc588 already saving more than 7,000 transport trips in the supply chain.

Benefits of efficient Fc588 flower bucket

With its smarter dimensions compared to the current Fc577, the Fc588 offers:

  • Higher load factor
  • +50% on CC container (six instead of four buckets per layer).
  • +11% on auction trolley and cage cart (ten instead of nine buckets per layer).
  • Lower chain costs.
  • Fewer CO2 emissions.
  • Improved design (including relief for sticker removal, optimisation of internal space).

The higher packing configuration means less trolley rental, handling, storage and transport, which is why the Fc588 benefits growers, buyers and their end customers alike.


From Monday, 28 June onwards, Fc588 and the Fc598 support shelf will be freely available for all suppliers at our packaging locations in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg and Eelde, and also at Veiling Rhein-Maas and Plantion.

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