Royal floraholland ook plantenklokken over op beeldveilen

We are working step by step towards a nationwide digital auction with new logistics. We are gradually transforming our current distribution process into demand-driven order picking. With this new logistics, products can be delivered to you quickly and reliably.

One of the consequences of our new logistics is that trolleys can no longer appear at Auction. Flowers have not been physically auctioned for some time now. This summer, the plant trolleys in Naaldwijk and Aalsmeer will also no longer appear at Auction.

Switching to image auctioning in three phases

On Monday 19 July, we will start with the roll-out of image auctioning of plants in three phases. From July 19, we will start with the image auctioning of green plants. From August 2 the flowering plants will follow and from August 16 it will be the turn of the outdoor plants. You can read exactly when a product group is up for auction in the auction schedule. This will be announced on Wednesday in the week prior.

Reliable product photos are crucial

To make a purchase decision on a digital marketplace, it is important that buyers get what they were promised. Reliable product photos and product information have become even more important. The vast majority of the supply information provided is correct and reliable. So, a lot's going very well already. But still the supply information and the photos are sometimes incorrect or not representative. In the run-up to image auctioning, we will be tackling this even more intensively.

For instance, the quality control of the relevant product groups will be intensified in the weeks before the implementation of image auctions. We are going to inspect more often, not more strictly. Plant growers can also make use of RFH photo, an app to make taking quality product photos easier. We can provide support for plant growers when using RFH photo. The RFH photo team is ready to answer their questions or provide help. If required, they can visit the growers to provide support in person. To request this, growers can contact the Customer Contact Centre. RFH photo will soon also be available for flower growers and buyers.

More information

Contact the Customer Contact Centre.