Kantoor naaldwijk en omgeving

The Westland municipality has taken the next step in the spatial vision for the area around our location in Naaldwijk. Yesterday, the college of mayor and aldermen sent the development perspective ‘Flora area’ to the town council.

As the name implies, this is an exploration and not a plan. No decisions have been taken by either the municipality or Royal FloraHolland. The development perspective has a lead time of 15 to 20 years. From Royal FloraHolland we have constructively thought along with the municipality about the various possibilities for the longer term. The municipality wants to use the study to provide insight into how the 'Flora area' and a Campus can contribute to stimulating knowledge and innovation in greenhouse horticulture. The drawings in the development perspective are only indicative.

Royal FloraHolland investigates possibilities

Royal FloraHolland itself is also investigating the possibilities of developing the TPW Mars, which is still fallow. That research is still ongoing. The same applies to the use of the buildings on the Dijkzijde. In our plans, the functionality of any new construction in combination with that of existing buildings will be looked at very carefully. The aim is to achieve optimum use of space and cost-efficient solutions. If a decision is taken, all the relevant steps will be taken prior to this. Both the municipality and Royal FloraHolland have their own responsibility and approach when it comes to timing, planning and decision-making. This is done in good mutual coordination.